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Oak Spring Lake is a Natural spring feed, one acre Lake. The Lake has been a Course Fishing Lake for over 35 years.

The Lake Previous was Leased to Boxley Angling Society, who ran the Lake as a Member and Day ticket for about 20 years.

The Lake had to have improvements carried  out, it had overgrown, and was in need of walkways.

The Lake is set in a natural surroundings, with well established Trees and plants around the Lake.The Lake in the summer has great looking lilies, this environment is to keep the well being of the fish stock.

There are walkways around the Lake to access single and double swims.

Within part of the land around the Lake, there are stock ponds, this enables us to breed stock for the Lake. There are quarantine tanks to enable any fish that are hurt or have an infection to be monitored and treated to recover and go back into the Lake.

 The Lake is Friendly Run, the owner lives on site, in case of an emergency

                              'Thank you for reading the History'


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