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Unfortunately we need to have rules. please take a minute to read them.

Thank you, Sylvia.

Oak Spring Lake cannot be held responsible  for any theft
or damage to any Belongings, Vehicles, Bikes, left in the
car park, they are all left at the owner’s risk.

Oak Spring Lake cannot be held responsible  for any fishing
equipment left in the car park or swims.

It is your responsibility to keep the walk ways around the lake
clear of anything that may cause an accident to others walking
on the path.

 Barbless hooks  no Micro,

  Line, up to 15 pounds, Carp Mat, Landing Net, Weighing Sack
  Playing of Music is OK but keep it low. NO Fires. No Fixed Leads
Gas Cookers are allowed. Barbecues may be used but if raised off the ground No Braided Main Line or Lead Core. Fish may only be  photographed at mat level. No Sacking of carp all Fish to be returned to the water immediately in net or sling. Use Litter Bins for your Line and Litter.

Pop-Ups. Wafters, Dips, Carp Pellets, Hemp Seed. Carp Liquid. Maggots, Worms, Luncheon Meat, Sweet Corn, Dog Biscuits, Bread, Ground Bait.




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